Spring Cleaning, Inside and Out


What to give up? What extra thing to do?  What to get rid of?


Well, you could do nothing differently for the next 6 weeks and then nothing will change…




For those celebrating Easter, the season of Lent is upon us. And for everyone, spring is upon us, ushering in a sea of articles about decluttering, purging, spring cleaning.  Both signify a cleanse and new beginnings as crocuses are brave enough to push their green tips through the muddy earth, and the days last just a little bit longer, giving us an extra burst of energy. The kids’ cleats? They will still smell awful. Somethings do not change. Ever. (Try baking soda or Penguin spray from Modells…neutralizes odor without making everything smell floral).


Sometimes, there is so much room for improvement that we just can’t even see where to begin!


If you are looking for a spiritual cleanse and a way to serve during Lent, think about how you can make the world a better place. If giving up chocolate makes you less cranky, then by all means, do so! If that is just an excuse to drop 5 lbs. to look better in your spring clothes, you can still give up chocolate, but consider giving up something bigger too…such as indifference! SEE people around you. Smile at them. Open doors. Be kind. Say hello. Try to do this every day during Lent and keep a kindness journal. You may just want to continue this habit all year long!!


As the vernal equinox approaches, an urge to purge overtakes many of us! Seize that urge! Put it to work for you!!  Go through your house and throw out (or recycle when possible) everything that is broken, that you haven’t used in years, or that you no longer need. You can make three piles: donate, recycle/trash, sell. There are numerous apps that can make selling your old things easy. Put a time limit on it…if it isn’t gone by that time, out it goes!  Clothes you haven’t worn? Kids’ toys that haven’t seen action in years? Books that can be donated to the local library or a charity? Organize and get them out!  Set some time aside each weekend over the next 6 weeks to get this done.


Now that your possessions are more streamlined, go through each space again and just straighten it up and see what it needs. Something from nature? A photo of a loved one? Something to make it feel like the space reflects you!  Continue this in each room and closet until everything is tidy and feels happy and peaceful. Going methodically speeds this process along.


Once all your spaces are tidy and inviting and your kindness journal is rocking along (do write down your acts of kindness…you don’t have to tell anyone else…but this will keep you accountable to yourself and you will see how much better you feel when it becomes a regular habit),  you will spend far less time looking for lost objects, feeling frustrated, and just BEING in peaceful organized space makes most people feel more creative and less stressed.


Which can bring you to the bigger goal of spring cleaning your life! What toxic behavior might need to be cut from your life? What risk have you been putting off because you were scared? New job? Interviewing? New class?  There is never a better time than right now!  Life will never be perfect. The most you can ever do to control everything is to get things organized and you have already done that now. Jump in! Give it a try!  A year from now you will have such a great story to tell about all the wonderful things that happened after you cleaned your house and started your new life!


Try it. Anything! Start today! Good luck!!!



Colleen Walsh

Life Coach, Personal Trainer, Motivational Speaker



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